“The Redeemer” Components


People committed to the game of golf will spend time, money, and effort to improve their game. We at Redeemer Golf recognize that commitment; therefore, we take pride in manufacturing a quality putter.


Our company uses quality materials from the top companies around the world. The shafts are produced by Apollo Golf Shafts®, followed by rubber composite grips from Golf Pride®.


Each putter head is cast using quality stainless steel with a glass beaded lasting finish and polished face and sole.


The Redeemer is available in 4 different shaft lengths: 34", 35", 36" and 43" for those who prefer the belly putter style.


Assembly of the putters is performed by expert club makers and our putters are unconditionally guaranteed for materials and workmanship.

And we even guarantee the putter to work and lower your scores.


When your best is not working, it’s got to be the putter!

Purchase your Redeemer putter today for $149.95 at your local golf shop. Guaranteed to improve your game or your money back.